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Sustainable Travel with Greater Anglia

Sustainable Travel

Why should I choose rail travel over car?

There are many reasons to choose rail travel - it’s usually more direct, quicker and more comfortable.

But it’s also a great choice for the planet – with greenhouse gas emissions per kilometre by rail being far less than cars. Only cycling and walking are better for the environment!

With everyone trying to do their bit to cut their carbon footprint and create a healthier future, stepping onto a Greater Anglia train instead of getting in the car is a great way to get started and a small change that has a big impact.

Greater Anglia Business Travel are continually looking at initiatives which will help contribute towards those wishing to make the switch, whether it’s exploring the local area and further afield, moving home or helping businesses who want to promote a greener commute to work.


Residential Partnerships

We are currently involved in numerous initiatives in partnership with local authorities and well known housing development companies, which introduce rail as a great way to get around or replace their current commute. This is a great success, providing support for 28 separate developments.


Community Rail Partnership

Essex and Suffolk CRP, in partnership run a series of special events throughout the year, proudly supported by and in partnership with Greater Anglia. These events are themed so they provide fun family entertainment and activities on board one or more of our services at a very reasonable price. They are extremely popular and allow families to take excursions throughout the region without having to worry about driving, find parking spaces, and often include additional activities once they reach their destination.


Academic Passes

This is one of the jewels we’re famous for here at Business Travel. Our Academic Passes offer great value for money and we’re offering more and more destinations each year to help with costs for students travelling to school, college and even Uni.

We currently offer heavily discounted tickets for schools at 28 different destinations, and the list keeps growing.

On average young adults aged 16-18 could save 57% off Adult annual prices and 50% off for term time tickets.

We don’t miss the children out either. Children aged 5-15 can receive discounted Termly and Annual Passes as well.


Job Track

We know that getting to and from interviews as a jobseeker can be tricky. That’s why we launched Job Track. To help those looking for work fast-track to employment with free travel.

We offer the same assistance to school/ college leavers as well.

The free bit really is free. We’ll help from the very start. Job Track members will get free tickets to travel to an interview. If you’re successful in one of those interviews, we’ll continue the support and provide a free 2 month season ticket. This allows you to get started back to work without having the initial worry of travel expenses. Not only that, it also means you can travel further afield to find that dream job. So you can leave the car behind


Sustainable Travel