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Additional Academic Monthly Subscription Terms

  1. Once your order has been placed, within 5 working days an email will be sent to your registered email address containing a link to enable you to set up your direct debit instruction (if you haven’t received it within that time please contact Business Travel on 0345 600 7245 (option 6))
  2. You must apply for a subscription no later than 5th of the month prior to the one you want to start the payments from, and must arrange your direct debit instruction at the earliest opportunity following the receipt of your email (check both your inbox and Spam folders, as some email providers view emails sent from a Group email address as such)
  3. Your payment instruction must be set up by 15th of the month prior to 20th of the same month to enable the subscription to be arranged in time to start taking payments
  4. Once you have set up your payment instruction, or if your instruction is still live from the previous year, we will set up a new payment schedule for the remaining months of the academic year
  5. Your schedule will be based on the year length you have selected. Short year ends on 2nd June, a full year ends on 28th July
  6. Payments will be set up to be taken on 20th of every month prior to the ticket month. i.e. 20th September payment for your October ticket
  7. If the 20th falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the payment is taken on the first available date after the 20th
  8. If your payment has failed for any reason, on the first occasion we will re-submit a further request. A £20.00 administration fee will apply, in addition to the original payment amount
  9. Should the re-submitted payment be returned unpaid, your Monthly subscription will automatically be cancelled. You will need to purchase tickets at the station (these will not be discounted) or a Termly/ Annual ticket Academic Pass on our website (if available)
  10. If, throughout the Academic Year, two first attempts fail, your subscription will automatically cancel. You will need to purchase tickets at the station (these will not be discounted) or a Termly/ Annual ticket Academic Pass on our website (if available)
  11. Once a subscription has been cancelled by us following points 9 or 10, we will not consider the subscription being reinstated for the remainder of that academic year
  12. You must give us 28 days’ notice via email or by calling us, if you wish to cancel your subscription
  13. Discounted monthly tickets are provided on the basis that they are valid/ used for the whole month. Should you wish to surrender a ticket part way through the month, full priced adult or child tickets will be used when calculating the charge for the duration of its use (this means once you reach a certain point in the month when surrendering the ticket, no refund will be due)
  14. All tickets are valid from 1st to the last day of each calendar month, except your first and last tickets 
  15. This is a direct debit subscription. Monthly card payments for a monthly ticket each month is not permitted