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Secure Cycle Storage Special Terms & Conditions



“Operator” means Greater Anglia whose office is at 11th Floor, One Stratford Place, Montfitchet Road, London, E20 1EJ.

“Member” means the individual who pays for and wants to use the services provided by the Operator.

“Membership” means the service provided by the Operator to the Member.

“Facility” means the secure cycle storage (e.g. CyclePark Plus) which is managed by the Operator and where the Member’s bicycle will be stored.

Smartcard” means the electronic card with which access to a facility can be gained.

“Operator storage facilities” means the place where bicycles, which have breached these terms and conditions are temporarily stored.

  • TERM
    • The services shall be provided from the date that payment is received from the Member and will last until termination of the membership.
  1. PRICE

2.1 The membership is £25 for one year.

2.2 All prices are set by the Operator and are subject to change.


3.1 The facilities provided are for the use of rail customers only, the sole use of the Member and are non-transferable. Spaces are to be used for the storage of a bicycle belonging to or in the care of the Member.  No other accessories or items are to be stored. We reserve the right to contact you after a period of non-use of secure cycle facilities to discuss your access.

3.2 Only one bicycle per space is permitted.  Members found to be storing more than one bicycle in a space will be in breach of the Terms and Conditions and the unauthorised bicycle may be removed by the Operator without notice.

3.3 One smartcard per membership will be provided by post to each member on completion of an application and £25 annual payment. Smartcards are for the sole use of the named customer and are not transferable. The Member must not attempt to create duplicate smartcards.


3.4 Facilities will be accessible 24 hours a day, unless otherwise stated. Care and consideration must be taken in regard to excessive noise or disturbance to neighbouring residents, especially late at night.

3.5 The Member must take all reasonable care when using the facility and must avoid damaging it or any equipment contained within it.

3.6 The Member must report any damage or maintenance issues to the Operator. Maintenance issues will be rectified by the Operator as soon as possible, subject to contractual obligations and approval.

3.7 The Operator is not responsible for loss and/or damage and/or theft of items stored in the facilities.  The Operator does not insure any bicycles or accessories stored in the facilities which they manage.  All Members are responsible for arranging their own insurance of any bicycle stored in the facility.  All items are left at the owner’s risk.



4.1 It is prohibited to store any items or goods in the provided facilities except .

4.2 Any prohibited items will be removed by the Operator and any costs incurred will be borne by the Member. The Member is not entitled to any compensation, or the restitution of any goods removed, or any damage caused to such goods, including bicycles and locks.

4.3 A bicycle that has not been parked in the designated numbered parking space (if applicable), may be removed by the Operator without prior notice from the facility and transported to the operator’s storage facilities.

4.4 Removed bicycles will be kept for a maximum of 30 days by the Operator and may upon payment of a fine of £20 be collected from the Operator. Bicycles which are not collected after 30 days become the property of the Operator and will be donated to charity.


5.1 In case of loss or theft of a smartcard, the Member must immediately inform the Operator.

5.2 There is a £25 charge for replacement smartcards although the membership will be a full year from date payment is received.


6.1 The Operator may at its discretion open the facilities for regular maintenance, security or other reasons and will not be obligated to notify the Members.

6.2 The Operator reserves the right to change the lock to the facilities at any time.  Where appropriate, a new smartcard or access device will be provided to Members.


7.1 Memberships are non-refundable regardless of the length of time left to expiry.

  • Termination of Membership


8.1 The Operator may suspend or terminate these services at any time for any reason without notice. In these circumstances, any payments already made may be refunded at the Operator’s discretion.

8.2 On termination of the membership, the Member will return their smartcard to the Operator immediately. It is the Member’s responsibility to make sure the smartcard is .

8.3 Upon cancellation of membership, all property belonging to the Member is to be removed from the facilities. Bicycles which are not collected after 30 days become the property of the Operator and will be donated to charity. Any costs incurred will be borne by the Member.



9.1 The Operator provides the services “as is”. To the extent permitted by law, the Operator excludes all warranties, conditions, terms, or representations, express or implied, in connection with the services.

9.2 To the extent permitted by law, the Operator will not be liable for indirect, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages or lost profits, revenues or data and financial losses.

9.3 To the extent permitted by law, the total liability of the Operator, for any claim under these terms, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), and breach of statutory duty or otherwise, is limited to the amount paid for the services.

9.4 The Operator is not always able to guarantee bicycle space in the facility.


10.1 On occasion, the Operator may share the Member’s data with organisations and Local Authorities with a legitimate interest, to show a demand for products and services. In these circumstances, the Member’s data will be anonymised and used for statistical purposes only, and no personally identifiable information will be shared.

10.2 The Operator will only exchange the Member’s data with another organisation where (i) we have the Member’s express permission to do so; or (ii) it is necessary in order to honour a contract between the Member and the Operator; or (iii) there is a legal obligation to share the information; or (iv) it is in the public interest; or (v) it is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims; or (vi) it is necessary to protect the vital interests of the Member or another person.

9.3 The Operator’s Privacy Notice is available to view in full at:


11.1 The Operator reserves the right, from time to time, with or without notice to you, to change these Terms and Conditions at our sole discretion. The Terms and Conditions applicable to the services provided will be the version that is current and displayed on this Website. The use of the services after changes are made means that the Member agrees to be bound by such changes.

11.2 Members found to be in breach of these Terms and Conditions may have their membership cancelled with immediate effect and this may result in a lifetime ban from any of the Operators facilities and services.