Photocard Information

All season tickets must be accompanied by a form of photocard ID.

Child Photocard Adult Photocard

If you don’t have a photocard ID, simply take a passport sized photo to a manned ticket office/ travel centre and request a rail photocard ID. These are issued free of charge.

Underneath the barcode on the photocard will be a series of letters and numbers. This is your photocard ID and should be used when purchasing a season ticket and will be printed on the ticket/ added to your Smart ticket. This identifies that the ticket belongs to you and helps prevent fraudulent use should it be lost or stolen.


College Photo ID cards issued by the following educational establishments are permitted to be used by students to support season tickets like a normal Rail Photocard.

  • Chelmsford College
  • Colchester Institute
  • Colchester Sixth Form

Normally the last 6-8 characters of the College ID card number will be recorded in the Photocard box of the season ticket