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Stour View, Brantham

Your season ticket options

This offer is available to residents of Stour View only (Terms and Conditions apply). Starting station is Brantham.

Please enter your details for the ticket you require. There are a number of options available to you.

Please note, all season tickets must be accompanied by a Photocard ID. This identifies the season ticket as belonging to you and helps prevent fraudulent use should it be lost or stolen. If you don't yet have a photocard ID, simply enter 'NEW' in the Photocard ID box. We will send one with your ticket. Before using your ticket, you must place a passport size photograph in the photocard and seal it.

If you dont yet have a Smart Card, type 'NEW' in the Smart Card information box and we will send one to you in the post which will already contain your ticket.

Once you have entered your details, click 'ADD TO QUOTE' then submit it (do not click on BUY NOW). We will send you an email with a price for your ticket. You can then Proceed to Payment, add your Voucher Code to receive your discount and pay for your ticket if there's anything left to pay.

Please allow 5 working days for new Smart Cards to arrive. Daily tickets will be sent to the Manningtree station ticket machines for you to collect prior to your journey. We will send your collection reference by email. You will need a credit/ debit card to collect your tickets. This is for identification purposes and your card will not be charged.

Don't have a code? Contact your Travel Plan Coordinator who will be happy to help:

If you chose a day or return tickets, date & time of Outward travel (Approx. time)
If you chose a return ticket, date and approximate time of return journey
Start date of Season ticket

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