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Order confirmations are NOT valid for travel and you must purchase tickets to travel. These are not refundable.

Anglo European Student Scholar Seasons from Greater Anglia

What is an Anglo European Scholar season?

The Anglo European Scholar season ticket is a discounted, Term-Time only season ticket available for students of the Anglo European school in years 7 to 13 for travel on Greater Anglia services between their home station and Ingatestone station, from the first day of term until the last day of term.

Where can I purchase this ticket?

This ticket can be purchased at a Greater Anglia Ticket Office. The ticket is only available as a point-to-point ticket. Pupils requiring to use TfL services as part of their journey to Ingatestone should apply to TfL for an '11-15', '16+' or '18+' Oyster Card as appropriate and purchase a point-to-point Scholar Season Ticket from Liverpool Street or Stratford to Ingatestone.

Tickets are now available on this website for those who may find it more difficult to visit the station or from outside the area of a Greater Anglia station


What do I need to get my son/daughter this ticket?

You will need to go to a Greater Anglia Ticket office, with the following items:

  • A letter of confirmation that your son/daughter attends the Anglo European school. (Download from school website)
  • Photo card (If this is the first season ticket, you will need a Passport sized photo).

What discount does my son/daughter receive?

  • Students aged 11-15, in Years 7-11 inclusive, including those who turn 16 during the academic year, will receive a discount of 34% off the public Child rate.
  • Students aged 16-17, in Years 12 & 13, including those who turn 18 during the academic year, will receive a 50% discount on the public Adult fare.

NB: No discounts will be given on shorter period seasons.

However in the Summer term the ticket may be issued up until the last day that the student will be attending, as they may not be attending school after their last exam. The school will provide a letter advising of the students final day.

When can I purchase my son/daughters season ticket?

Tickets will be available to purchase online around 28 days prior to the term start date. There is no change to when you can normally purchase at the station.

What restrictions are there on this Scholar Season?

Students can use these tickets to travel from their home station to Ingatestone during termtime only. This includes Saturdays and Sundays during term-time however it is not permitted to be used:

  • on Bank Holidays;
  • during Half-Term breaks, including the weekends at the beginning and end of the halfterm break; or
  • during school holidays

What happens if the Scholar Season Ticket is lost/stolen?

If you purchased your ticket here with us online, then you must contact us directly on 0345 600 7245 (option 6) or at

Stations will not be able to issue a duplicate. We will issue the duplicate for you. A £20 administration fee will apply.

If you bought your ticket at the station and during the season period it is lost/stolen, you will need to report it to any Greater Anglia Ticket Office as soon as possible. An application form for a Duplicate ticket will need to be completed and returned to the ticket office.

Please note that these duplicate tickets cannot be issued on the spot, but any ticket(s) you have to purchase in the meantime will be refunded on completion of the process which includes a £20 administration fee.

NB Only one duplicate season will be issued in any 12 month period. In the case where a second loss/theft occurs you will again need to advise us or the station, depending on where you purchased the original, who will assist and advise further.


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