Summer Full AND Short Term Academic Passes are now available

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Activating Your Ticket

Please ensure that your Smart Ticket is loaded on to your Smart Card, before you travel

The simplest and quickest way to load your ticket is via the Greater Anglia Mobile App.

Simply download the Greater Anglia app from your relevant app store to get started. Please allow up to 2 working days for your ticket to be uploaded to your Smart Card before activating.


If you’re an Android phone user, you can load your Smart Ticket straight to your Smart Card. After you have purchased your ticket, open the GA app and hold your Smart Card on the back of your phone.


For Apple devices, open the GA app on your mobile phone, select ‘Smart Card’ from the menu and hold your Smart Card to the phone to load your ticket –it will automatically upload onto the Smart Card. (*please note iPhones must have iOS 13.1 software or later)

Alternatively, Load your Smart Ticket from your chosen Greater Anglia station. Your Smart Ticket can be loaded on your Smart Card when you touch it onto the yellow ticket barrier reader, Platform Validator or by collecting from a ticket vending machine by following the screen options. 


Touching in and Touching out


Once you have collected your Smart Card Ticket you can travel as normal. To ‘touch in’ at the start of your journey, place your Smart Card on the reader as you pass through the automatic ticket barrier or on a Platform validator. Similarly, at the end of your journey place your Smart Card on the reader as you pass through the automatic ticket barrier or on a Platform Validator to ‘touch out’.


Don’t forget to keep your Smart Card separate from your other ‘contactless’ cards such as Oyster and bankcards. This will avoid card clash when touching the reader.


If your ticket is lost, stolen or damaged you will need to contact the Business Travel Team on 0345 600 7245 (option 3). Our ticket offices are unable to process replacements, duplicates or refunds. This must be requested with the Business Travel Team.

Please ensure that you always carry your photo card or photo ID with you whilst travelling.